Our Story




Founder & Maker

Hi! I'm Madison, the Maker of Olive & Co. candles. 

I started making candles right before our friend Covid-19 made an appearance. Dealing with a number of health issues at the time, I needed to find new healthy habits to incorporate into my life. A new hobby was one of them and Olive & Co. was born.

Making candles gives me a sense of relaxation and joy. I enjoy the entire candle making process. Measuring fragrance, pouring the wax, and watching the candles come alive. 


Co-Founder AKA The Brains

Dylan is the Logistics Manager (delivery driver), Chief Label Applier, Head of Janitorial Services, and helps Madison transform all her crazy ideas into reality. And is the absolute love of Madison's life because he is so handsome. Dylan also wrote his own biography and is in love with himself.

Interesting bio or not.....Dylan finalizes all of the big decisions and growth strategies of Olive & Co.


Olive, the inspiration


Inspiration & Reason

Olive is the meaning behind Olive & Co. Madison got Olive when she was 13 years old and was immediately her best friend. Olive helped Madison through some tough times and celebrated awesome moments. 

Olive and Madison both got super sick in 2014. Olive helped Madison overcome her illness while Madison took care of Olive. Madison was on the road to recovery; however, Olive was getting much worse. 

On December 14, 2014 Olive left us. Madison always told herself she would honor Olive by naming something after her and what better way than to bring joy by Olive & Co. Candles.